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New Projects


Beyond Your Cat’s Meow (anticipated publication early 2018)

Exceptional Music: A Retrospective/Futurespective

     (anticipated publication early 2018)

So This Is Pittstown: True Tales and Tips for Newcomers to Rural Life

Three Minutes Before Dying

Words My Mother Taught Me: A Pocket Guide to Dementia Care

Tuesday’s Childe poetry


Event Planning: Nuts, Bolts, and Nails  A concise guide book for the uninitiated


The Bottom Line Archive: Doc Watson (Live), front & back cover color photos

     (*released October 2015)

Beyond Your Cat’s Meow

An anecdotal guide to understanding your cat by recognizing with greater awareness its health and behavior patterns (both negative and positive) for mutual benefit to cat and owner...Applying these observations to improve communication and interaction with your veterinarian on all issues for optimum care and quality of life.

Exceptional Music: A Retrospective/Futurespective

Autobiographical retrospective of selected articles and photos, plus supplemental new interviews with cream of the crop and innovative multi-genre artists.

So This Is Pittstown:

True Tales and Tips for Newcomers to Rural Life

When my husband and I bought a home in rural Hunterdon County NJ, little did we think about such challenges that lay in store of us as mice in the house, poison ivy vines, turkey vultures roosting above our heads, chipmunks nesting in our cars, and bees and hornets nesting wherever they darned well pleased.

These and other situations have made for some rather colorful and humorous moments. Add all this to the intrinsic beauty and splendor of nearby horse, buffalo, and alpaca farms, autumn leaves creating a warm palette nestled among the hills, and hot-air balloons belching the roar of their ignition fires as they glide by overhead, often usurping a spacious backyard for a landing strip. Step inside for a glimpse of country life…

Three Minutes Before Dying

A family memoir of discovery and dealing with dementia, with an ultimate resolution and understanding of a mother-daughter relationship.