Stephanie P Ledgin

award-winning journalist


Preserving Memory Through Music initiative

Other exhibition photos available

Peter Rowan (color), 20x16 matted unframed, $200

Riders in the Sky individual shots, 16x20 framed, $250 each:

Ranger Doug, Woody Paul, Too Slim (all 3 $600)

Jim Lauderdale, 11x14 framed, $150

Mike Seeger, 16x20 framed, $250

Framed/matted in one 20x16 frame: Fiddle Puppet Dancers

& Pat Cannon's Foot & Fiddle Dance Co.: $250

Queen Ida, accordion, 16x20 framed, $250

Queen Ida, rub board, 22x28 framed, $350

John Jackson, 11x14 framed $150, 8x10 print, $60

Cephas & Wiggins w/ Doc Watson & Mark O'Connor:

12x12 framed, $150

John Cowan Band w/ guest John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin):

28x22 matted, unframed $300   SOLD!

Audie Blaylock (w/ Rhonda Vincent)

16x20 matted unframed, $200

Alan O'Bryant, 16x20 framed, $250

Hot Rize, 14x11 framed, $150

misc. others from my 45 year career.....

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Photo Inventory Final Sale

These original photos from the exhibition, FROM EVERY STAGE: IMAGES OF AMERICA'S ROOTS MUSIC, are available for sale at deep discounts. All are signed and offered "as is." Most are on display/for sale Jan. 7-28 at The Farmstead Arts Center, Basking Ridge NJ. This will be the final public showing and offering for sale (except for professional commercial sales, e.g. recording projects, etc.). These will not be reprinted in the future. Many are rare and historical images. Remaining prints will be withdrawn from marketplace at close of exhibition.

*Sizes are "framed" dimensions, except where noted otherwise. Photographer signature position varies.

Prices exclude shipping, packing materials, insurance, nominal PayPal fee. NJ sales tax applies to ALL sales within NJ, including at the Farmstead.

Fairfield Four and Nashville Bluegrass Band

approx. 45x27 matted unframed, $300

Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys

24x20 framed, $350

Unframed foam-core mounted 22x16, $175

14x11 print, $110

Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl

22x28, framed, $350


20x24 framed, $350

Peter Rowan

22x28, matted unframed, $300

Richie Havens

16x20 framed, $250

New Grass Revival

120x16 framed, $250

Snuffy Jenkins

20x24 framed, 2 available, $350

8x10 print $60

John Hartford & Roy M. Huskey

20x24, 21x22 framed, one each size available, $350

11x14 print, $110

Johnny Cunningham

20x16, framed, $250

8x10 print $60

The Soldier's Fancy

20x16 framed, $250

Steve Riley

20x24 framed, 2 available


Doc Watson. 20x24 framed


Bill Monroe

16x20 framed, $250

Green Grass Cloggers w/ McLains in background

24x20, framed, $350

Unframed foam-core mounted 22x17, $175

Pete Seeger

22x28 framed, no glass


Pete Seeger in silhouette w/

trademark long-necked banjo

20x16 framed, $250

Roy Clark w/ Roy Acuff

20x24, framed, $350

Earl Scruggs

11x14 framed, $150